We All Should Learn the Quality of Taking Risks – Shailesh Rajpal

Taking Risks in the business industry is extremely vulnerable, as the new generation of entrepreneurs fear to take risks by thinking that they will be destroyed. So, they think it’s better to play safe, or if they will make you huge, why just take the risk. Risks are important factors of the art called business. It does not always destroys you, but will mainly make you or will give you a life lesson upon your mistakes and shortcomings. Risk is the only factor which made large businessman reach where they are, like Mukesh Ambani, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and etc.

I always try that my name Shailesh Rajpal, should be known by not my words, but the work I do for the society using my skills and knowledge. People know me as Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, Founder, and Director of Rajpal Group of Companies, but I know who really I am, just a servant to society. First of all, the question is why do new generation entrepreneurs should take risks? Well, the answer is that there are many reasons behind it, they are: -

  • INTRINSIC SATISFACTION: - Risk-takers have a sense of internal satisfaction and contentment as they know that, whatever the result may be, I have given my hundred percentage to the situation that they have faced.
  • COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: - The modern risk-takers have a competitive advantage as many of the people fear to take the risk, so, its means less competition for risk takers already.
  • INNOVATION & OPPORTUNITY AT SAME TIME: - The factor of risk-taking involves the thinking by the innovative mindset in order to gain from the risk, which directly or indirectly presents you with a business opportunity.


So. If you want to excel in your business and professional life, you should not fear to take risks, either it will make you or will teach you to correct your mistakes. Take Risks, Forget being tensed!

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