Philanthropy is not done for Showoff, it’s done by the Heart – Shailesh Rajpal

There are many recognized personalities around this mapped globe, who are found and said to be active citizens of this sphere, doing philanthropy. While their promotional teams doing every sort of planning and strategy with executing them in the right way to spread it around the world. Basically, these personalities only require global attention towards them and when they acquire global attention they start their promotion at the war level, increasing sales, generating more revenue. Ultimately, social donation is nothing but an investment for future business success.

Whereas some of the personalities just do it for saving taxes and evading from paying it. They are neither sympathetic nor humble towards the needy, just think that through a little investment they can increase their business presence. When I was young and was not Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, Founder, and Director of Rajpal Group of Companies, I always imagined that in the professional society out there, no one would be poor needy, everybody will be rich and contented with what they have and be satisfied. When I became what I am today Mr. Shailesh Rajpal, I witnessed many situations, where people change like Chameleon for their benefit and success. I thought that in this contemporary un-trustworthy world economically weaker sections of the society would not be able to compete with the other people who are just show-offs.


At last, I would like to conclude by saying that we should help the needy sections of the society rather keep doing the marketing of the people verbally, who think social activities to be just an investment which will fetch them results later.

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