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Following SUMO-COLE Law will ensure Productive employee results

What are the qualities of a Good Director? How to increase the productivity of the employees without increasing the number of resources used in the economic sector of the firm? What are the meaning and full form of SUMO-COLE? Well, the answer to these questions is simple as SUMO-COLE stands for Supervision Motivation Communication Leadership, which if followed can increase the firm’s productivity tremendously. SUMO-COLE are the qualities of a good director to carry out the process of directing and these are the secret of increasing the productivity of employees without any increase in the resources of the society to be used.

As SUMO-COLE stands for Supervision, Motivation, Communication, and Leadership lets understand these terms briefly and how they increase the productivity of the company: -

  • SUPERVISION: Supervision is referred to keeping a regular check on the work done by the employees, this will ensure that each and every task is completed and nothing will be left pending for the later sack.


  • MOTIVATION: Motivation is referred to as the driving force which ignites the fire of doing work inside the employees that ensures that each and every employee works for the matters of interest of the organization.


  • COMMUNICATION: Communication is the driving key to understanding the matter of interest of employees that will assure that employees will be in your favor. Effective Communication is a must for each and every director.


  • LEADERSHIP: Leadership is one of the deciding factors that ensure that the employees will work in the favor of the organizational goals and not only their personal goals. So, be a democratic leader rather than being an autocratic leader.



  1. What are the qualities of a Good Director? How to increase the productivity of the employees without increasing the number of resources used in the economic sector of the firm?

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