Independent Director

Gurpreet Kaur


White Force - Premium Brand of Happy Square Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd.

GURPREET is a visionary leader and the driving force behind Whiteforce Outsourcing Company Pvt. Ltd. As the Director, GURPREET brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the outsourcing industry, ensuring that the company delivers top-notch services and innovative solutions to clients worldwide.

Professional Background : With over a decade of experience in the outsourcing and IT sectors, GURPREET has honed the skills necessary to lead a dynamic and growing company. Their deep understanding of market trends and customer needs enables them to steer Whiteforce Outsourcing Company towards success. GURPREET is known for a hands-on approach, fostering a collaborative work environment that encourages creativity and excellence.

Leadership and Vision : Under GURPREET's leadership, Whiteforce Outsourcing Company Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses looking to optimize their operations through outsourcing. GURPREET’s vision is to continuously innovate and expand the company’s service offerings, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Achievements -

    Successfully led the company to achieve significant milestones in client acquisition and retention.Implemented strategic initiatives that increased operational efficiency and reduced costs for clients.Fostered a company culture that prioritizes customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Education -

    GURPREET holds a [relevant degree, e.g., Bachelor’s in Business Administration] from [University Name], where they specialized in [relevant field, e.g., Management, Information Technology]. This educational background has provided a strong foundation for their strategic and operational expertise.

Personal Philosophy : GURPREET believes in the power of teamwork and continuous improvement. Their leadership style is characterized by transparency, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. GURPREET is dedicated to not only achieving business success but also contributing positively to the community and industry at large.

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